Training Services

Beyond Access helps countries implement digital strategies and build information societies. Our approach is built on a methodology tested in more than a dozen countries.

Training Methodology

Integrate new services into public libraries based on need and demand.

  • Vision: Generate consensus among library stakeholders for role of public libraries within development priorities.
  • Targets: Jointly establish library service objectives based on local development priorities.
  • Design for Users: Create community profiles based on real and potential library users, adapt Beyond Access modules for local context.
  • Action Plan: Turn activities into regular, dependable library services.
  • Activity Guides: Provide librarians step-by-step guidance for specific services that match user needs.
  • Promotion: Market library services to new partners based on established experience.
  • Measurement: Use simple monitoring tools to gather data for assessment, improvement and advocacy.

Why It Works

Embed capacity within library systems that evolves as needs change.

  • Responsive: Training reorients librarians to serve concrete user needs.
  • Supportive: Ongoing mentoring provided by IREX and local partner.
  • Structural: Training capacity integrated into existing public library administration.
  • Relevant: Targets and services that explicitly meet established national development goals.
  • Global: Lessons shared from global community working on similar initiatives.

The Toolkit

Standardized modules that can be adapted to any country and context.

Community Needs and New Library Services

This training module enables librarians to understand and then respond to the needs of their communities by developing and delivering relevant library services.

E-Government for Communities

E-government services are being introduced at a rapid pace in nearly every country. But users often have difficulty learning about these services and how they can use them to improve their lives. This module helps public libraries become the institution of community support that helps people access relevant e-government functions and make the most of them.

Libraries and Technology

This module prepares librarians for the institutional changes that take place when the library is equipped with public access technology.

Libraries, Literacy & Technology

This module helps facilitate the integration of existing public libraries into national early literacy efforts through relevant services that support family and community reading activities.

Promotion and Partnerships

These units help libraries identify valuable partners in their countries and communities, design joint new services with them, and then attract the users who can benefit from these services the most.