Libraries, Literacy & Technology

This module helps facilitate the integration of existing public libraries into national early literacy efforts through relevant services that support family and community reading activities.

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Download an overview of this training module:

Libraries, Literacy and Technology Overview (PDF) »

Download the facilitation guide for this training module:

Libraries, Literacy, and Technology Facilitation Guide »

Participants will be able to:

  • Measure basic data for library management and explain the impact of their contributions to literacy efforts
  • Support caregivers in reading with younger children, including by making smart use of technology
  • Conduct community outreach, including by coordinating and partnering successfully with organized literacy programs
  • Design the layout of their libraries and arrange materials to best support literacy goals
  • Identify the specic ways in which libraries can support literacy initiatives and programs in their country
  • Planning services to respond to user needs
  • Using tablet computers to support literacy
  • Promotion & community partnerships
  • Literacy skills and activities for libraries
  • Libraries & literacy: the Why’s