Libraries and Technology

This module prepares librarians for the institutional changes that take place when the library is equipped with public access technology.

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Download an overview of this training module:

Libraries and Technology Overview (PDF) »

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the typical changes to anticipate when computers and internet access are introduced to the library
  • Identify the types of users who can benefit from the use of technology at libraries
  • Make informed decisions about where and how to arrange the library’s physical space incorporating computers
  • Identify the main computer security issues, equipment maintenance and protection considerations relevant to libraries
  • Employ and explain to users basic online ethics and etiquette
  • Manage the differences in daily librarian workflow associated with the arrival of public access technology
  • Designing library space around new technology
  • Public access technology set-up and maintenance
  • User policies and support for public access technology
  • Matching user needs to available technology resources
  • Basic troubleshooting and common technology challenges in libraries