Community Needs and New Library Services

This training module enables librarians to understand and then respond to the needs of their communities by developing and delivering relevant library services.

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Download an overview of this training module:

Community Needs and New Library Services Overview (PDF) »

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of developing key messages for communicating the importance of library services in the community
  • Understand the principal resources required by libraries and identify potential sources for new resources to support library services
  • Identify appropriate library services that will meet the needs of different community groups
  • Understand the reasons why different people in their communities use or do not use the library
  • Identify and describe the various types of library users and potential users in their communities
  • Measuring library service value and success
  • Pursuing new resources and promoting new services
  • Initiating and enhancing library services
  • Assessing library assets and resources
  • Gauging service demand and usage
  • Analyzing community members and their needs