Libraries, Literacy and Technology Training

The Libraries, Literacy and Technology module was designed to help facilitate the integration of existing public libraries into national early literacy efforts in developing and transitioning countries. In the 21st century, the foundation of information societies is literacy. The later children gain reading skills, the further behind they are in benefiting from opportunities for participation, employment and advancement.

While many countries have robust strategies for improving early reading outcomes, in most cases, public libraries have been left out of the picture. This oversight disregards a potentially valuable asset in literacy efforts. This module is meant to provide librarians with the tools to integrate their institution into organized literacy efforts, by drawing on their existing strengths and resources to provide useful literacy services to families. It is hoped that, through these activities, over time libraries can make the case for increased inclusion and investment for even greater support of literacy goals.

This document includes the full facilitation guide for a multi-day training that can be customized according to needs and context. Please contact with questions or to obtain the accompanying materials.