How Public Libraries Contribute to Reaching the Millennium Development Goals

With examples from around the world, this report summarizes how libraries are contributing to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). A few samples:

In Guatemala, the Chiche Community Library offers an early childhood literacy and nutrition class to teach new parents child care and nutrition.

In Zambia, open access Lubuto public libraries reach large numbers of the country’s street children, orphans, and other vulnerable children who are largely not enrolled in school.

In Kenya, the Kenya National Library Service is helping to prevent deaths during pregnancy, birth or unsafe abortions by providing healthcare providers with knowledge on how to correctly apply simple, inexpensive interventions.

In Botswana, the Ramotswa Public Library in southeastern Botswana is playing an active role in reducing the impact HIV/AIDS has in the community by partnering with the District HIV/AIDS committee on a “Lifeline Project” to help educate young people, ages 14–30, about important health issues.