Advocating for Access to Information

As part of the post-2015 discussions, governments from all countries are stocktaking lessons learned from the Millennium Development Goals to develop the Sustainable Development Goals and meet the needs of today’s changing world. Access to information is crucial for promoting participatory development.

Beyond Access and IFLA have also participated in events to share the message that libraries are key partners in the provision of access to information. Public libraries are sustainable local institutions that can stimulate grassroots development by providing opportunities for community members to meet, learn, and research issues of their interest.

Beyond Access is working with the International Federation of Library Association (IFLA) in raising awareness about the importance of access to information for the Post-2015 Agenda. Through its work with a coalition of NGOs, Beyond Access and IFLA are guaranteeing that access to information is recognized and fully incorporated into the post-2015 development agenda.
  • Guarantee that access to information is incorporated into the post-2015 development agenda.
  • Raise the profile of libraries at international negotiations and improve dialogue with government representatives.


Actively participate in UN discussions on the post-2015 development agenda and the sustainable development goals. Provide written and oral input into UN official documents.


Organize events and campaigns to support the the role of libraries as agents of development and present concrete case studies.

Support libraries

Support libraries' efforts to become active in post-2015 related activities. We hope that librarians are able to become aware that this conversation is taking place and that it will help define how countries will use development funds in the future. We want them to partake in outreach efforts and meet with government officials to speak about how libraries are providing information in their communities and why that is important for development.