Driving the 21st Century Economy in Nigeria

The Beyond Access Nigeria project is creating a network of 70 libraries throughout Nigeria that are equipped to support the efforts of women and youth to enhance their digital, employability, and entrepreneurship skills. The project is partnering with the Universal Services Provision Fund (USPF) and the National IT Development Agency (NITDA) to ensure that the libraries have adequate technology and internet connectivity needed to serve as a training locations for young Nigerians looking for opportunities to strengthen the skills they need to enhance their economic opportunities.

While the Nigerian economy grew to be the largest in Africa in 2014, poverty and unemployment remain high — particularly for women and youth. Nigeria has nearly 11 million unemployed youth, and women account for approximately 55% of that group. And less than half of the population has access to the internet and the economic, social, and educational benefits it provides. While government agencies are already making investments in public access technology and non-governmental organizations are working on workforce development programs, often these initiatives are not well connected. Beyond Access is working to build a network of libraries across Nigeria that can serve as a durable platform for ongoing training and services aimed at developing the digital, employability, and entrepreneurship skills of women and youth in the country.
  • To demonstrate the impact of investment in libraries by USPF and other partners that have committed to ongoing support
  • To transform libraries into technology and information hubs with modern and accessible digital resources
  • To equip librarians with the skills needed to make use of the ICTs in their libraries for internet access, basic ICT instruction, and workforce development services
  • To build the skills of women and youth, particularly in digital literacy, employability, and entrepreneurship skills, through services offered at public libraries

Librarian training and capacity building

Train 70 librarians to become master trainers in digital skills as a part of Intel’s She Will Connect initiative

Infrastructure and equipment

Increase access to digital resources by providing 40 libraries with new technology and revitalizing the technology of an additional 30 libraries

Partnership development and advocacy

Develop and build upon local, regional, and national partnerships between libraries and NGOs to support workforce development and digital access