Manuel Rosé

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Public Library “Manuel Rosé”

The Manuel Rosé Public Library was established in 1945 in Las Piedras, Uruguay. In August 2011, the Library was completely renovated to adhere to international standards of safety and sustainability. During the renovation process, the library expressed its goal to be a place where everybody can access resources and gain knowledge and skills. The library wants to be known as a place where everyone is welcome and where every visitor feels comfortable, even around new information and technology. In September 2013, the library opened a Digital Inclusion Space sponsored by Antel, the Uruguayan telecommunications company.

Government Partner

Canelones Department

Located in the south of the country, the Department of Canelones has since 2007 included Plan Ceibal in its strategic plan in order to give computers to children and teachers in the region. "Ceibal" stands for Basic Computer Educational Connectivity for Online Learning, and was created with the purpose of conducting the studies, assessments, and actions needed to provide a laptop to every school-age child and every teacher in the public school system. Plan Ceibal also intends to train teachers in the use of this tool, and to promote the development of educational programs that incorporate ICT.

Community Partner

Plan Ceibal Support Network (RAP-Ceibal)

The Plan Ceibal Support Network is a civil society organization that supports digital inclusion through Plan Ceibal (see Government Partner). The Network created the first support center in the department of Canelones and promotes existing centers in other locations. The organization meets weekly at the Manuel Rosé Public Library to assist users and advise the library staff. The Network also offers training in the use of technology, develops wireless connectivity projects in rural areas, maintains an active customer support service using SMS messaging, and has an internet forum for technical consultations and knowledge exchange.