Kherson Library



Kherson Oblast Children’s Library

The main goal of the Kherson Oblast Library for Children is to attract more visitors to provide free access to the information, to advocate for the library before the authorities, to help children to open up their talents and develop new skills. As part of their initiatives, the Kherson Oblast Children’s Library hosts a press club for young journalists, as well as other educational opportunities for students. The library also aims to increase the computer, financial, legal literacy and leadership potential of teenagers.

Community Partner

National Trust Credit Union

The Narodna Dovira Credit Union (National Trust) was established in 2006 in response to the needs of the community in Kherson, Ukraine for better financial assistance. Driven to meet the challenges of developing agriculture and other household needs, the credit union has grown steadily over the years. With time, more people joined the Kherson community and the financial viability of the institution increased. In addition to serving the needs of the community on its own, the National Trust Credit Union has joined with local businesses — as well as public libraries — to continue their goals of improving the community’s financial literacy.

Government Partner

Kherson State Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sport

A division of the governing body of Kherson Oblast in southern Ukraine, the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sport is charged with overseeing the education and well-being of Kherson’s youth population. To this end, the Education and Science Department has collaborated with Kherson Children’s Library to implement the program “Healthy Wave." This program is designed to encourage healthy eating and exercise habits in children and teenagers in the Kherson school system. As of 2013, more than 200 had participated in physical and educational activities.