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Kitengesa Community Library

In 1999, the Kitengesa project started in partnership with Kitengesa Comprehensive Secondary School with a box of more than 100 books, and construction of the library building was completed in 2002. Since then, library membership has expanded beyond school students, serving the community with programs in health, livelihoods, and women’s empowerment. One program provides HIV/AIDS counseling and testing services to library members in partnership with The AIDS Support Organization. Another, with support from EIFL, trains students at a nearby school for the deaf on how to use Skype to communicate with others around the world.

Government Partner

Busia District Local Government

With support from the Busia District Local Government, Kitengesa has introduced community-driven development initiatives, including agricultural activities for people in the community and local groups. The Busia District and Kitengesa have also partnered to provide trainings to local government officials and libraries on assessing and addressing community needs.

Community Partner

Uganda Community Libraries Association

A networking organization for community libraries in Uganda, the NGO includes more than 100 libraries, 20 of which were founded because of the library association. To complement the country’s education system, the organization promotes literacy by growing community libraries and advocating nationally and internationally for libraries and literacy in Uganda. Its primary activities include sponsoring workshops and conferences for librarians, soliciting and distributing grants, placing international volunteers in libraries, and supporting research on community libraries.