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Kampala Capital City Authority

The Kampala Capital City Authority is a public organization created to provide services in education, urban agriculture, enterprise development, health, library services, and civic participation. Primarily, though, the focus of the council is to provide open access to government information; this is done largely through the Kampala Public Library, an organization overseen by the council. In addition, by bolstering community organizations, the Kampala City Council Authority supports the Ugandan government’s initiative to empower communities to identify and address their own needs.

Community Partner

Kawempe Youth Centre

The Kawempe Youth Centre is a non-governmental organization that works to build literate communities by providing education and information services and organizing a recreation program. The center runs programs with other community youth serving organizations to provide education and health information services in schools and project areas where resources are limited or non-existent. In addition, the Kawempe Youth Centre has cooperated with the Kampala City Authority on several projects — including their most recent proposal to provide mobile technology education to women teachers in Kampala — with the Kampala Capital City Authority.