Davao City

Economic Development


Davao City Library

The Davao City Library plays a crucial role in strengthening the city government’s campaign to promote education and eradicate illiteracy. It also oversees the work of the Barangay (regional) libraries. In collaboration with the Davao City Government, the Davao City Library is working to equip the City Library and the Barangay Libraries with computers and IT equipment, train librarians on using and managing IT resources, and implementing programs in these libraries to help further economic opportunities, particularly for those people who do not have access to the centralized resources and services located in the city.

Community Partner

Molave Foundation

The Molave Development Foundation is a non-profit organization with experience using information and communication technologies (ICTs) as tools for sustainable development and poverty alleviation. The Molave Foundation has established community telecenters in both urban and rural areas in the Philippines and has offered training and capacity building support to partner organizations. It serves as the Training and Resource Center for Southeast Asia for the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for All (WASH) Campaign. In collaboration with the Davao City Library, the foundation is currently providing ICT equipment and training to Davao communities.

Government Partner

Davao City Government

Davao City is a major metropolitan area and serves as a regional economic center in the Philippines. The Davao City Government is working to accelerate further economic development in the region. As a part of this effort, it works to provide services to those in the city and in the surrounding barangays in order to improve economic opportunities and to promote development. The City Government is supporting the current efforts of Davao City Library to ensure access to economic services and to improve the economic opportunities of the people living in and around Davao City.