Tharapar Library

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Tharapar Library

Tharapar library is a local public library founded in 2009 that is working to expand the role of libraries in Myanmar. Much of the country has limited access to information technology and the internet, particularly in rural regions. Recognizing this lack of access to information and library services, Tharapar library created a mobile libraries program in 2010. In 2012, the library partnered with the Myanmar government to expand this program to include more rural areas. Tharapar library is working to build on the services it offers both in Yangon and in the surrounding areas.

Community Partner

Forward Recruitment Agency

Forward Recruitment Agency works to train a workforce to respond to the rapidly changing economy in Myanmar. Their motto is “We teach, We train, We connect.” The agency trains people in practical work skills and then connects them with potential employers. Their goal is to help people understand their own skills and abilities, and the skills needed for their profession. Through a recent initiative, Forward Recruitment Agency will partner with Tharapar Library to offer job training services through mobile libraries.