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Mongolian Library Consortium

The Mongolian Library Consortium is a professional organization that provides support for Mongolian libraries and librarians. Working with public, academic, and school libraries, the consortium helps to improve access to information across Mongolia. One of its key activities includes training librarians on how to expand services to meet the needs of their communities. The consortium promotes the broader use of technologies within libraries and works to develop creative technology based programs. It also advocates for the use of open access resources so important information can be further disseminated into communities.


Children’s Book Palace

The Children's Book Palace serves the children and youth in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. Its mobile library services provide access to children and families that live the rural areas surrounding the city center. Locations for the mobile library visits include community centers, vocational training centers, and a juvenile detention facility. The mobile services offer training and workshops to help promote child welfare and healthy families. They also offer life skills and business training. Many of the programs at the Children’s Book Palace include a special focus on serving children with physical disabilities and special needs.