Victoria Dorantes

Economic Development Education


Victoria Dorantes Public Library

The Victoria Dorantes Public Library offers education and training to help people in the community of Tlaxcala transform their lives and those of their families. The library provides access to educational experiences, internet access and the public space needed to make these projects possible. Its main objective is to help people develop the skills they need to carry out productive projects and to access better employment opportunities to foster social mobility, improve quality of life, and boost inclusion.

Government Partner

Public Education Secretariat

The Public Education Secretariat of Tlaxcala’s mission is to provide quality education under the principles of equity and relevance, based on the education on universal values ​​and principles that contribute to the development of human competencies to improve relationships and coexistence. This entity is in charge of the State Public Libraries Coordination under the objective of encouraging reading, facilitating an approach to digital library materials and providing warmth and quality services. These services aim to influence in the training, recreation and skills development that help to raise the educational, cultural and ethical level.

Community Partner

Tecnologico de Monterrey System

Through a program called TECVirtual University, the Tecnológico de Monterrey System develops educational strategies to generate social empowerment. The system shares best practices through learning and social networks, harnessing the potential of information and communication technology. In the Victoria Dorantes Public Library, TECVirtual offers an educational portal called Virtual Learning Center, which provides free online courses on a variety of topics that contribute to individual and community development.