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Malawi National Library Service

For the Malawi National Library Service, information technology is an essential tool to improve its services to the public, whether by digitizing records, opening wireless internet cafes in its branches, or using mobile technology to bring programs to rural areas. In main library branches, the service provides free internet access — not only for researchers, but also for traditionally excluded populations such as youth and the poor. For rural populations, the library service sets up temporary centers in villages, where it provides safe spaces for women and children, and educates the community on public health issues, such as HIV/AIDS.

Government Partner

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is the custodian of Malawi's education sector and oversees all government matters related to science and technology. It provides policy guidance and direction on all education, science and technology issues. The mission of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is to provide quality, relevant education to the nation. Such education should enable people to acquire relevant knowledge, skills, expertise and competencies to perform effectively in the workforce and as leaders of the country to ultimately reduce poverty in Malawi.

Community Partner

National Commission of Science and Technology

The National Commission of Science and Technology is an organization with a mandate to promote, support, coordinate and regulate the research, development and application of science and technology matters in Malawi. The commission has partnered with the National Library Service in Malawi to promote the provision of information resources to the entire Malawian population. Programs to achieve these ends include the digitization of national records as well as their dissemination throughout the branches of the Malawi National Library Service.