Alay Regional Library



Alay Regional Library

In a primarily rural region of about 65,000 people with high unemployment rates, Alay Regional Library offers free ICT training to help improve employment opportunities, especially for young people. Other programs have included focuses on financial education, as many people in the community used credit without planning and without understanding the terms of the loan agreements signed with local banks. In response to the community’s needs, Alay’s head librarian collaborated with local banks and other organizations to provide presentations and workshops so people could learn to use credit properly to improve their businesses.

Government Partner

Alay Regional Administration

In this primarily rural, agricultural region, many young people face unemployment, while older members of the community may struggle to maintain and improve their livelihoods. Many young people and adults have to migrate out of the region to be able to support themselves and their families. Seeing the successful programs the Alay Regional Library had implemented in financial education and small business development, the Alay Regional Administration agreed to cover the costs for internet access for the Alay Regional Library. This has allowed the library to continue and expand the services it provides for the people living in this rural area.