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National Library of Jordan

Established in 1977, the National Library of Jordan’s responsibilities include collecting works published in Jordan and making them available to the public, maintaining a national archive of documents from ministries and public departments, enforcing copyright law within Jordan, coordinating the work of all public libraries in Jordan, and establishing new library services. The Library Services Department works to meet community challenges and offers programming and outreach to young people and women in order to support and improve access to information.

Community Partner

Tech Tribes

Motivated by the rise in information technologies and the belief that no one should be left behind, Tech Tribes supports the work of other non-governmental and civil society organizations in engaging youth in governance and civil society activities through the use of social media and online technology. Tech Tribes helps organizations within Jordan more effectively use digital tools, social networking platforms, and mobile phone applications. However, the organization’s primary goal is to address common challenges to civic participation in the Middle East.

Government Partner

Jordan Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies

Jordan’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies was established in 2002 and is responsible for articulating the country’s Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) policies. ICTs are critical for social and economic growth and can serve as important catalysts for development, so the ministry helps to develop initiatives that encourage the integration of ICTs into society. The ministry supports initiatives that use e-learning tools to expand educational opportunities, develop ICT skills among young people to expand business opportunities, and utilize e-government resources as tools of good governance.