Arturo Flores Aguiluz

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Community Partner

Riecken Foundation

Open access to information and knowledge is critical to civic engagement and prosperity in Central America. Using principles of social entrepreneurship, The Riecken Foundation doing business as Riecken Community Libraries, helps transform a simple building block — a community library with free internet — into a springboard for democracy building, leadership development and social justice. Riecken Community Libraries empower people by enabling them to access and use information and technology as tools for the future. The Rija’tzuul Na’ooj Community Library has received from its beginning the support from the Riecken Foundation.


Arturo Flores Aguiluz Community Library

The Arturo Flores Aguiluz Library was founded in 2004. It is known for its efforts in promoting civic engagement and educational activities for interaction in the municipality of San Luis, Honduras. The library offers English, traditional crafts and technologies courses and provides a platform for launching health and local environment campaigns. Although Arturo Flores Aguiluz Library offers services to users of all ages, it has taken significant steps towards strengthening investment in youth participation and programs focused on this age group. The Library is part of the Riecken Community Libraries.

Government Partner

Government of Honduras

The Ministry of Social Development is the Honduras’ Government’s office that serves as the executive branch entity with authority on social issues and poverty reduction. Its main tasks include activities such as the formulation, coordination, implementation and evaluation of public policies regarding social matters and poverty reduction. It also works on the planning, administration and implementation of plans, programs, projects and strategies in the social field. All their work is guided by the objective of reducing poverty and extreme poverty. The Ministry works hand by hand with the Arturo Flores Aguiluz Library.