Library Association

Civic Engagement Governance


Georgian Library Association

The Georgian Library Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 with 150 members. The association supports the development of libraries and library services to provide access to information. It advocates for new views and roles of a modern library, trains librarians in innovative ways libraries can serve their communities, and implements information technologies in libraries. Partnering with the Georgian government, the library association transforms existing public libraries into community gathering places with free public access to internet and information to further encourage the use of e-governance resources.

Community Partner

Institute for Development of Freedom of Information

Founded in 2009, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information promotes government accountability and the transparency of public information. The institute advocates for better access to public information and works to develop civil society, focusing on freedom of information and human rights. They have taken an active role in establishing e-governance in Georgia and assisting government institutions to incorporate a legislative framework that addresses freedom of information. In conjunction with these projects, the initiative encourages citizen engagement through e-government resources.

Government Partner

Public Service Development Agency, Ministry of Justice

The Public Service Development Agency (PSDA) of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia facilitates strategic policy reforms and develops and delivers public services in Georgia. The agency leads the introduction of e-governance in Georgia, and helping to incorporate five pilot libraries into the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action Plan in Georgia. In partnership with the Georgia Library Association it is helping to transform libraries to meet modern information needs, to improve the accessibility of public services in rural areas, and to contribute to Georgia’s development goals.