Segenat Library



Segenat Library

The Segenat Children and Youth Library is a modern, full-service library serving the information needs of the children and youth in Mekelle, Tigray Region, Ethiopia. Opened in 2010, the library serves a large community, specializing in outreach to young people. With a media center and a technology nook, the library not only provides a space for students to further their education, but it also offers opportunities for youth to gain the ICT skills they will need for better employment prospects in the future. In addition to its focus on youth, the Segenat Library emphasizes librarian training to encourage library development in Ethiopia.

Government Partner

City of Mekelle

Located in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia, the city of Mekelle (also written Mek’ele and Makale) is one of Ethiopia’s economic hubs. Beyond that, Mekelle also serves as a hub for education in Ethiopia — laying the groundwork for integrated community libraries. The Mayorship of Mekelle has been a longtime supporter of the Segenat Youth and Children Library, offering some of the earliest support for its creation and providing the budget for the library itself. The cities of Mekelle and Adi Gudom provided buildings for the libraries; the city of Mekelle also provides administrative support to the library.