Federico González Suarez

Civic Engagement Education


Federico Gonzalez Suarez Library

The Federico Gonzalez Suarez Library was founded in 1896 and is part of Quito’s Metropolitan Cultural Center. It offers ongoing workshops to promote reading, tutoring and a service designed for browsing the internet and researching in open source books. The library supports 10 other libraries in Quito’s Metropolitan Library Network. Among its main activities, it works to strengthen the Municipal Library Network by acquiring new books, maintaining those that are in poor condition, providing furniture, and obtaining donation materials.

Government Partner

Metropolitan Cultural Center

A public service institution under the Ministry of Culture of the Municipality of Quito, the Metropolitan Cultural Center’s mission is to promote heritage and culture, with a focus on fostering knowledge exchange. The Metropolitan Cultural Center has six main areas of action: reading, book and word research; conservation and appreciation of heritage and memory; management of artistic and historical exhibitions; promotion of artistic expression; education and identity; and providing event spaces. The center is in charge of the Municipal Library Network.

Community Partner

Museums of the City Foundation

Nonprofit organization whose primary role and responsibility is to participate in civic education and contribute to the promotion, development and cultural management in the Metropolitan District of Quito. On behalf of the Municipality of the City, the organization is in charge of the administration of the city museums. The organization’s basic institutional objective is to contribute to the citizen education, ​​education in values, promotion, development and cultural management in Quito. Their work aims to establish, strengthen and promote the activity of museums, under the concept of the International Council of Museums, ICOM, 2004.