Burkina Faso

Friends Libraries



Friends of African Village Libraries

FAVL’s goal is to assist rural African communities in creating village libraries that serve as centers of knowledge exchange and community development. To that end, the organization refurbishes community-donated buildings and transforms them into community spaces that promote access to information, good reading habits, and critical thinking skills. The organization organizes librarian trainings, and each library runs weekly activities to promote reading. Local municipalities provide support for librarian salaries.

Community Partner

Office of Books and Literacy

As of 2007, literacy rates in Burkina Faso were below 50% across all genders and age groups. Among young people aged 15 to 24, literacy has been somewhat stronger than for the older population — but women’s literacy rates still were only at 33% in 2007. The Office of Books and Literacy, which is part of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has promoted literacy throughout the country and supported FAVL since 2001 through book donations and contribution of funds to the organization’s activities.

Government Partner

Village of Dimikuy

In 2009, FAVL worked with the Village of Dimikuy to establish a community library there. The village government has continued to support the library, and in 2012, it funded library subscriptions for more than 100 students and provided financial support for reading camps in Dimikuy as well as in Béréba. In partnership with FAVL, the Village Councilors of Dimikuy have worked to increase the ability of rural populations to meet their own community needs.