Moreomaoto Community Library

Operating in a remote, wildlife-rich region in Botswana’s Central District, the Moreomaoto Community Library provides essential information resources to local residents. In an area frequented by tourists and yet cut off from central government funding and programs, the library has designed workshops focused on environmental awareness and sustainable tourism, business development, and livestock management. These workshops, along with traditional literacy programs, primarily seek to reach out-of-school youth and adults working in the informal sector.

Government Partner

Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture

Botswana’s Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Culture has partnered with the Moreomaoto Community Library since its inception in 2011 to promote economic development and education in the region. Since then, the Ministry and the library have collaborated on a number of activities. One program, the Skills Sharing Workshop series, allows older women as well as youth to share best practices in making crafts, cooking, and recycling to generate income. Some participants have used ideas they learned from the workshops to enter national competitions and to start their own businesses.