Civic Engagement Education

Community Partner


A nonprofit organization that promotes literacy in Bolivia, Biblioworks provides communities in need with the tools and resources to develop sustainable literacy and education programs. This organization began when, a company that sells rare books, noticed that the indigenous communities of Bolivia lacked libraries. Since 2005, the organization has opened 11 libraries in rural areas, with a focus on meeting community needs and achieving sustainability. BiblioWorks focuses on the principle that literacy and education are critical components for the creation and vitality of sustainable communities and cultures.

Government Partner

Municipality of Tarabuco

Tarabuco is a small town about 60 kilometers from Sucre, Bolivia. Over the years, support for the town's library became inconsistent until November of 2006, when the Municipal Government invited the National Book Bank to come to Tarabuco to reopen the library. BiblioWorks coordinated the event with the National Book Bank and provided transportation to Tarabuco. Representatives from the mayor's office and the local high school attended the event. In a small, simple act, books were donated to the new library in a building the mayor's office renovated.