Coronel Suarez

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Coronel Suarez Children Library

The Coronel Suarez Popular Children's Library was founded in 1991 in the City of Buenos Aires in honor of the poet Luisa Braganza, who supported children's culture. The library has several rooms that serve the needs of children and young people through various activities, including reading, playing, using technology, and exchanging thoughts and experiences. The library develops activities that revolve mainly around education, interaction and health. The library's staff view the space as essential to support public participation.

Government Partner

District Office of Education, Arts and Culture

The District Offices of Education, Arts and Culture are decentralized agencies of the government of Argentina. They were established in each region of the country to develop and lead an educational project in accordance with the policy of the Director General of Culture and Education and to represent the policy in each locality. The Province of Buenos Aires, through the Director General of Culture and Education, ensures that all people have access to information and knowledge, as central instruments of participation in a process of development with economic growth and social justice.

Community Partner

Isidoro, Space of Art

Isidoro, Space of Art is an organization that aims to become a friendly place where people can learn about art. The organization delivers national and regional artistic production to a variety of areas in the national art scene. The organization offers talks, meetings and other services that stimulate and encourage public access to the visual arts. Along with the Coronel Suarez Popular Children Library, the organization provides a program with exhibitions for children, youth and adults with the objective of raising awareness on topics like the civic rights, disabilities, and more.