How Public Internet Access is Transforming 3 Georgian Villages

Despite modernization, digitization, and a push for e-government in the Republic of Georgia, widespread internet access does not extend to many of the country’s rural communities. Watch how this is changing in three Georgian villages after investments in computers, internet, printers, and training through the Internet for All Village Libraries project.


Before the project, Khurcha’s 370 residents rarely visited the library. Now, with technology and internet access, library visits have increased from 120 per year to 120 visits in only three months.


Tserovani is a refugee settlement where very few people have a computer in their homes, making the library and the librarian a valuable resource to accessing information.


The Internet for All Village Libraries project has brought a new range of services and users to the Atsana library. Doctors, students, and other community members find information and utilize online public and private services to enrich their lives.

The Internet for All Village Libraries equipped 151 libraries across Georgia with computers, internet, and printers. It also trained librarians to use the new resources effectively. These information and technology hubs are now connecting people in rural communities throughout Georgia to digital skills training and online private and e-government services. As part of Beyond Access, the Internet for All Village libraries project was supported by the Presidential Reserve Fund of Georgia, the Georgian Library Association, IREX, and the libraries’ local municipalities.