How One Village is Boosting its Connection to the Information Society

More than a place where you can study, or surf the internet, or register your marriage, this library in Nukriani is also a place where the community gathers. We’re proud to be working with our partners in Georgia to connect people with vital community services.



  1. Salome

    We are extremely grateful for your support in making this happen! Everything you see in the film is absolutely natural, nothing was pre-planned or staged, nobody was told to say nice things about library, they said and acted as they felt and this is the most precious thing to us.

  2. Nolen Deibert

    Thanks, Salome! Of course none of this would have happened without the PSDA – or the GLA, or IDFI. But most importantly, it couldn’t have happened without the great libraries we get to work with! We are so excited for where GPSLib will go next.

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