Empowering Uruguay’s Libraries to Lead the Digital Revolution

We’re excited to share an update on our work in Uruguay — ANTEL, Uruguay’s national telecommunications company, has selected 10 libraries to receive computers, free internet access, and staff training as part of an annual contest around digital inclusion. Librarians will learn how to deliver ICT skills trainings, support e-Government services, and develop new services that address the most pressing needs in their communities — all to transform their libraries into hubs for social and economic development.

The selected libraries include:

  • Elio A. Zinola Library in Pando
  • Marta Nogueira Library in Santa Bernardina
  • Municipal Library of Florida in Florida
  • La Juanita Library in La Juanita
  • José Artigas Departmental Library in Maldonado
  • Dr. Francisco Schinca Library in Montevideo
  • Juan Monteverde Engineering Library in Montevideo
  • Satellite Library in Young
  • José Pedro Varela Library in Paysandú
  • María Élida Marquizo Library and Cultural Center in Rocha

For more information, email beyondaccess@irex.org or visit the project’s webpage.