How Do Libraries Drive Development in Your Community?

Participate in a global online discussion taking place June 12 at 1 pm UTC/8 am Medellin, Colombia time via Google Hangout. The discussion will center on themes including digital culture, social and cultural management, and reading promotion. Read this Slideshare presentation to learn how to join the event. The event will take place in English.

We want to hear about your most innovative ideas and projects to help build the future of the library community! Next August in Medellín, Colombia, the international event “Libraries Connecting Territories” will take place. Library stakeholders and professionals from around the globe will gather to exchange ideas, challenges, and experiences. We want you to participate in the discussions before the event to share your ideas and projects.

“Libraries Connecting Territories” is sponsored and organized by Medellín’s Mayorship, the Medellin Library System, and Ratón de Biblioteca Foundation, with the support of Makaia and Beyond Access, and stands out as one of the most important library events of the year.

The Medellín Mayorship has issued an open invitation to a global digital discussion, designed to build a broader view on the main topics to be discussed by worldwide library professionals in August.

As a supporter of Beyond Access, your perspectives, experiences, and ideas are integral to build the new horizons for the work of libraries and librarians. We invite you to share with library professionals and stakeholders from around the globe and help develop the focus areas of the event.

The international discussion will cover five main areas: digital culture, social and cultural management, reading promotion, and libraries and memory. It will take place on June 12th at 8:00 a.m Colombian time. Find your local time at

Discussions will take place through Google Hangout. Check out our Slideshare presentation to learn more about how to use this tool and join the event.