WorldPulse Volunteer Opportunity: Listening for Social Change

World Pulse is seeking volunteers for its upcoming Digital Action Campaign. In January, the organization will begin mobilizing women’s voices from around the world to advocate for women’s digital inclusion and empowerment.

An online network of nearly 60,000 people from 160 countries, WorldPulse uses the power of digital media to connect women worldwide and bring them a global voice.

The organization is recruiting volunteers to join their team as Listeners. Listeners will be asked to read and comment upon a series of short, 500-700 word submissions from participants. Listeners also help select the most outstanding stories to be published in an e-magazine featuring content from this Campaign.

For more information and to submit a volunteer application, visit the WorldPulse website.


  1. Hello world Pulse,
    I represent an number of women’s groups within our network that can have access to internet and I personally am interested in becoming a listener. I am wondering if it is possible to involve the women’s groups in being listeners to just to build their capacity and share experiences with other women worldwide; is there an opportunity for such a forum in your program that would help me achieve this objective?

  2. Amber Ehrke

    We’re so glad you’re interested in the opportunity, Brenda! I suggest you contact Scott at WorldPulse directly for more information. His email address is: scott(at)

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