Innovator Spotlight: Margarita Escoto

Margarita Escoto is the librarian at the Arturo Flores Aguiluz Library, located in the community of San Luis in Comayagua, Honduras.

BA : What are your dreams for your library?

Honduras is currently experiencing severe violence. Our dream now is to care for our children from before birth onward through adulthood. We know that our dream will take awhile to come true, but we’re going to see results in the coming years. The program that we are working toward for that dream is called “Early exposure to nutrition and reading.”

We’ll go to all of the neighboring villages to work on the initiative. The project works with mothers, many of whom are girls under 13, to set up early childhood education programs. We hope to fulfill the dream of bringing peace to the community through education. We want our children to grow up in an environment free from violence.

BA : What are some of the challenges you have faced working in the library ?

The challenges are mostly economic, and we are also hampered by lack of personnel. In Honduras both tend to be huge problems. Things have not been easy, but we found support from foundations such as the Riecken Foundation, which provided us with resources in the past, and the library continues to survive to help the community .

BA : What has been the most positive experience for the Arturo Flores Aguiluz Library, as a part of Beyond Access ?

We have learned a lot, and it’s been very exciting. The mayor of our town, an important ally for libraries, accompanied us to the Latin America event in Medellin. I see him as committed and as excited as all of us, and I know he will bring about great change in our community. To me this is a dream come true.